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Office workers are more susceptible to diseases

Work in the office seems to have nothing to do with dangerous things. The office has convenient chairs, computers, air conditioning, and even a place to have afternoon tea, all of which create a comfortable environment. However, many studies have shown that office workers are at risk of many diseases.

  1. Back and joint pain

In the office, we sat down for at least 5-6 hours. This often causes problems with the spine and joints, especially if our posture is wrong (for example, stretching to the neck of the monitor) or an uncomfortable chair.


  • Get up at least every half hour and walk around the office or do a relaxing workout.
  • Make sure the workplace allows you to maintain the correct posture without having to approach the display or away from the display.
  1. Dry eye syndrome

Read the things on the display carefully, we seem to forget the blink of an eye? This is why working on a computer or reading a document carefully can cause dry eye. Its form of expression is familiar to many people: pain, dryness, and sometimes the feeling of foreign bodies in the eye.


  • Check your workplace: Active work on the computer should be

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Sharing seven misunderstandings of Chiropractic

In life, people often suffer from cervical pain, but rarely take it seriously, nor do they deliberately protect the cervical spine. Experts pointed out that “the source of all diseases, starting from the cervical spine”, if the cervical vertebra isn’t well protected, the whole body will get sick. Cervical spondylosis massage is very effective for many people, but I want to emphasize that the massage of cervical patients must pay attention! Cervical spondylosis is a disease that begins to hide, slowly develops, and gradually worsens. Most people just feel sore, it doesn’t last long, and the younger people are not really cervical spondylosis. It should be regarded as neck and shoulder pain. Because of this, many people think that I can relieve muscle soreness by massage. This is not the case. If the improper message is likely, it may cause irreversible consequences.

CorrectEdit massage is really effective for cervical spondylosis, but in some places, the “masseur” is not a medical doctor and lacks a basic understanding of the anatomy of the cervical spine. When the early symptoms of cervical spondylosis are very mild, don’t choose to go to the massage parlor to ease it. You should go to the …

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