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How do we prevent high blood pressure?


How to prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure is a common problem. There are many types of hypertension, and some people have elevated blood pressure caused by other diseases, called secondary hypertension. For this group of hypertensive patients, active treatment of underlying diseases that lead to elevated blood pressure is essential. More than 90% of people suffer from high blood pressure, and there is no known disease basis. We call it essential hypertension. The reason why people get primary hypertension is closely related to human evolution and genetic factors. Children with high blood pressure in their parents are five times more likely to develop high blood pressure than other people. This is a disease factor that we can’t control.

It has been found that not all people at high risk of genetic predisposition have a high blood pressure. This shows that the onset of hypertension is also the trigger factor, which is what we call bad living habits and environmental factors. These factors are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Body fat.Many people will find that people with obesity around them are more likely to develop high blood pressure. This is because these people’s body is obese, the total amount of peripheral blood vessels and peripheral resistance will increase greatly, greatly increasing the pressure required for the heart to pump blood, and the blood pressure will naturally be higher.
  2. Eating habits.High-salt, high-fat, and high-sugar diets can cause blood pressure to rise to varying degrees. Taking a proper quality protein diet, a light diet, and increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables will reduce blood pressure to varying degrees.
  3. Smoking and drinking.Smoking and drinking can increase the burden on the heart, and can also lead to hardening and spasm of tiny blood vessels, thereby increasing the resistance of the peripheral circulation and causing an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, it is best for people with high blood pressure to quit smoking and alcohol.
  4. Sports.Regular physical exercise can reduce a person’s blood pressure; while a long-term sedentary lifestyle often leads to an increase in blood pressure.
  5. Mental factors.People who have been in stress and tension for a long time are more likely to suffer from hypertension. People should learn to relieve stress, actively participate in social activities, and help reduce blood pressure.

Prevention is definitely better than cure. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a health disorder that is usually found late and underestimated. But calm down, there are things that can prevent high blood pressure.

  1. Change your diet.

A bad diet is likely to cause blood pressure to soar. Therefore, you should reduce the high sodium foods contained in salt and processed foods to ensure normal blood pressure. On the contrary, in order to prevent high blood pressure, you can choose high potassium food, which can help keep blood pressure stable. Potassium can be supplemented with potatoes, bananas, avocados, fish, and milk. Low-fat foods and fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are also recommended.

There are already some types of diets that are suitable for people with high blood pressure. Through diet, you should consume high fiber intake, the low-fat content of protein sources, limit sodium, and avoid high cholesterol foods. Don’t forget to drink enough water, because the lack of liquid will affect the body’s sodium content.

  1. Exercise regularly

The practice has confirmed that appropriate participation in sports, can relax the muscles, ventilate blood, have a certain role in the prevention of hypertension. According to your own situation and the surrounding environment, you can choose to walk fast, jog, tai chi, sword, swim, table tennis and so on. Don’t think you have to be an athlete who can exercise regularly. The sport is now a requirement for everyone because it maintains general health, including the prevention of high blood pressure. In fact, people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of hypertension than those who do not. To keep your blood pressure normal, you should exercise for 2 to 30 minutes a week. There is no need to do difficult sports, just a way to relax, jog or ride a bike to prevent high blood pressure. Encourage children and adolescents to exercise for an hour a day to stay healthy and avoid high blood pressure. To do every exercise, we must pay attention to the amount of exercise, step by step, persevere, in order to be effective.

  1. Maintain the ideal weight

The person who is overweight, whether overweight or obese, are 2 to 6 times more likely to have high blood pressure. Therefore, try to maintain the ideal weight, because it can not only prevent high blood pressure but also reduce the risks of other diseases. From now on, change your lifestyle to lose weight and eventually reach the desired number. Reducing body weight by about 4-5 kg can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

  1. Life must be regular

For the elderly, regular life is very important to prevent hypertension. First of all, the elderly should be able to work and rest, and work and rest. Keep 7 to 9 hours of sleep and 1 to 2 hours of physical activity every day. Do light tea, no smoking, less alcohol (a small amount of white wine). Nicotine, the main ingredient in the smoke, can excite the sympathetic nerves and cause blood pressure to rise due to contraction of the surrounding blood vessels. The main component of alcohol, alcohol, can impair cardiovascular diastolic function, atherosclerosis of the blood vessel wall, and prone to high blood pressure.

  1. Keep your mood happy

When people are in mood swings when they have great joy or great sorrow, the sympathetic nerves will be excited, the heartbeat will accelerate, the peripheral vascular resistance will increase, and the diastolic blood pressure will rise obviously. This repeated blood pressure rise will cause disease. This requires the elderly to calm down when they are in trouble. If they encounter something that is not good, they will restrain themselves. Learn to release your unhappiness, such as talking to family and old friends, and expressing your thoughts and requirements; when you want to get angry, you leave the scene, do other things, or change the topic, distracting, so that the anger is resolved.

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