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Sharing seven misunderstandings of Chiropractic


In life, people often suffer from cervical pain, but rarely take it seriously, nor do they deliberately protect the cervical spine. Experts pointed out that “the source of all diseases, starting from the cervical spine”, if the cervical vertebra isn’t well protected, the whole body will get sick. Cervical spondylosis massage is very effective for many people, but I want to emphasize that the massage of cervical patients must pay attention! Cervical spondylosis is a disease that begins to hide, slowly develops, and gradually worsens. Most people just feel sore, it doesn’t last long, and the younger people are not really cervical spondylosis. It should be regarded as neck and shoulder pain. Because of this, many people think that I can relieve muscle soreness by massage. This is not the case. If the improper message is likely, it may cause irreversible consequences.

CorrectEdit massage is really effective for cervical spondylosis, but in some places, the “masseur” is not a medical doctor and lacks a basic understanding of the anatomy of the cervical spine. When the early symptoms of cervical spondylosis are very mild, don’t choose to go to the massage parlor to ease it. You should go to the hospital for examination. The doctor confirmed that there was no obvious nerve compression, and after the organic changes of the cervical spine, you can do some muscle relaxation massage. For different situations, the massage technique should be different. Patients without organic lesions should do simple, partial relaxation of muscle massage. If cervical hyperplasia, osteoporosis, cervical disc herniation, and degeneration have occurred, it indicates that the cervical spine structure has undergone organic lesions, and random manual massage, especially the rotation of the “side shifting” neck, should be cautious. Incorrect manual massage, the symptoms may worsen, and severe cases may cause fractures of the cervical spine, prolapse of the nucleus pulposus, and compression of the nerves. For the elderly with vascular malformations or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is particularly important to note that some inappropriate massage techniques can cause vertebral artery injury, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and induce a stroke.

Spinal cord disease is the most serious type of cervical spondylosis. The disease is caused by cervical vertebra hyperplasia or cervical disc herniation. The patient has soft limbs and unstable walking, such as stepping on the cotton, feeling shallow and shallow. If there is such a symptom, don’t take it for convenience, blindly find someone to massage; be sure to go to the regular hospital for examination and confirm the diagnosis after receiving regular treatment.

Many of our patients in the clinic are suffering from general paralysis due to improper massage. Speaking of cervical spondylosis and phlegm should be no direct connection, but many patients have very serious consequences due to improper massage. In this regard, the majority of patients here are reminded that cervical spondylosis massage must be cautious. Cervical spondylosis is a syndrome in which the cervical intervertebral disc changes for a variety of reasons, thereby stimulating or oppressing adjacent tissues and causing a series of symptoms in the body. Cervical spondylosis is characterized by complex pathogenesis and various symptoms. It is generally divided into soft tissue type, nerve root type, vertebral artery type, sympathetic type, and spinal cord type. Different types have different treatment methods. At present, there are still seven major misunderstandings in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical spondylosis:

  1. Inappropriate traction:Neck traction is one of the common methods for the treatment of cervical spondylosis, but improper traction can cause neck ligaments, muscle relaxation, accelerate degeneration, and reduce the stability of the neck. Therefore, attention should be paid to the recovery and maintenance of the cervical spine during traction.
  2. Blind massage, reset:Before the massage is reset, the spinal canal stenosis, severe disc herniation, cervical instability, etc. must be excluded. The cervical spondylotic myelopathy is absolutely prohibited from gravity massage and reduction, otherwise, it will easily aggravate the symptoms and may even lead to paraplegia. Even if you need a massage, reduction treatment, it is best to be operated by trained professionals to avoid side effects or aggravate the condition.

  1. Health pillow for treating cervical spondylosis:Many merchants will add exaggerated words in the advertisements, but I want to emphasize that the health pillows are more powerful, and they only help to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine and promote blood circulation, which is not a “treatment”, but rather improve symptoms. And patients should pay attention when choosing a pillow, do not blindly pursue the height of the pillow, but choose the height suitable for the physiological curvature of the neck.
  2. Abuse of analgesics:Analgesic can really relieve the pain in the neck and shoulders, but at the same time it will cover up the condition, delay the diagnosis and treatment, and the symptoms will not cure the problem, and can’t really solve the problem of cervical spondylosis.
  3. Must be operated or not operated:Not all cervical vertebrae patients need surgery, and not all patients will get better after conservative treatment, which depends on the individual circumstances to develop a treatment plan. Therefore, patients should have a correct understanding of their own condition, maintain a good attitude, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment.
  4. Don’t blindly follow the joint sound:Many people think that when the massage is massaged, the joints will “giggle” and be effective. In fact, the joints will “giggle”, do not blindly pursue this kind of sound. For teenagers and the elderly, the action to be reset is repeated 2-3 times. The slow reset is the time, and the joints may not make a sound.
  5. Massage needs to be combined with other treatments:Cervical spondylosis is only a massage, no need to cooperate with other treatments. When cervical spondylosis occurs, patients often experience dizziness, numbness in the limbs, shoulder and back pain. Normal bone massage can only reduce the joints and can’t completely solve the problem of the joints. Therefore, it must be combined with other methods for treatment. Comprehensive treatment can cure soft tissue while curing bones, in order to achieve full recovery.

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