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Tips for improving the spine problem


With the increase in the number of white-collar workers in the office, the number of people suffering from spinal diseases has gradually increased and is becoming younger. Many young people have problems with spinal diseases. In fact, as long as we pay more attention to it, we can prevent the occurrence of spinal diseases. Although the spinal disease isn’t a serious illness, it will also cause serious complications due to untimely treatment. If adolescents do not pay attention to the “conservation” of the spine problem, with the increase of age, the disease is prone to repeated attacks, and long-term pain can lead to bone hyperplasia, serious diseases such as intervertebral discs.

The spine is the central axis of the human body and consists of 24 bones of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, atlas and caudal vertebrae. Each bone has 6 joints, which can be rotated in 6 directions, forming a combination of hundreds of millions of different numbers of rotations, supporting the trunk and protecting the internal organs. This cervical vertebra, known as the “second lifeline of the human body”, ceased to develop when people were around 20 years old, and began to degenerate around the age of 30. There are hundreds of cases of spinal diseases caused by the irregular alignment of vertebrae: Small to dizziness, hand numbness, neck pain, low back pain, and large disc herniation, which seriously endanger human health. Spine disease is a middle-aged disease, but it has a younger trend in recent years. Spinal diseases can plague everyone, and many teenagers are unaware of this potential danger. Special reminders for young people to prevent spinal diseases, starting from protecting the cervical spine, should pay attention to scientific life, work and rest in balance.

Disease factors:

  1. Incorrect posture.Such as: sitting, standing, lying and working at the desk in the same position for a long time or other labor.
  2. Unreasonable bedding can cause ligaments, excessive muscle tension and strain, disc herniation, and small joint dysfunction.
  3. Wind, cold and invasive, affecting local blood circulation and accelerating tissue degeneration.
  4. Trauma can worsen the condition, and chronic damage gradually causes the disease to worsen.
  5. Psychological factors and poor general health can cause andaggravate the symptoms of spinal disease.
  6. Genetic factors: About one percent of patients with the spinal disease are hereditary.
  7. Occupational factors: dancers, long-distance drivers, welders, office workers, and long-term workers.
  8. Keep the correct sitting position

Many people like to bend over when they are sitting. This posture may make you feel comfortable in a short time. But after a long time, your spine will be deformed, not only will you have the risk of suffering from spinal diseases, but it will also make your body look ugly. So whether you are at work or in class, you must maintain a correct sitting posture, so that not only can give a good impression to others but also a lot of benefits to yourself.

  1. Choose the right sleeping position

People spend most of their time in bed, so bedding and their sleeping position are also important. First of all, choose a pillow of the right height, because the height of the pillow is not easy to make your pillow, and your spine will be hurt after a long time with a wrong height pillow. Secondly, the correct sleeping position can better protect your spine. Finally, before going to bed, the cylindrical cup is wrapped with a warm towel, and then the cervical vertebra is placed on it, which can relieve the discomfort of the cervical vertebra to achieve the purpose of relaxing the cervical vertebrae.

  1. Avoid letting your neck get cold

Don’t point the neck or spine directly to the air conditioning and fan. Be sure to dry your neck with a dry towel or a hot towel after accidental rain to avoid cold neck

  1. Don’t keep a sitting position for a long time.

When you go to work, don’t keep a fixed position for a long time. You can also take the opportunity to pour water and move your body. With the universality of mobile phones, low-headed people are becoming more and more common. Playing mobile phones for a long time will cause cervical fatigue and try to get rid of mobile phone dependence. It is strictly forbidden to sit in front of the computer for a long time. It is recommended to work for one hour each time to get up and move the cervical vertebra.

  1. Exercise as much as possible

Office workers generally lack sports, and they like to rest at home on weekends. In fact, office workers should exercise well. On weekends, they can go to the gym, go out for a walk after dinner, and so on. For example: the two legs stand apart, the ten fingers cross the neck, the two elbows fall naturally, the two hands give a certain force forward, pull down, the head leans back, the back is slowly inhaled slowly, pay attention not to be too strong, the body leans back It should be the time when the body is most relaxed. At this time, slowly exhale. When working and playing mobile phones, the cervical vertebrae are bent forward. Moderate reclining is the best exercise for the spine.

  1. Massage

Chinese medicine believes that cervical spondylosis is caused by long-term fatigue of the neck, qi and blood loss, plus external wind and cold, blocking the meridian, massage treatment can reconcile the blood, dispel the wind and dispel cold, and relieve the muscles and collaterals, thus reaching the relief pain. The message is suitable for all types of cervical spondylosis except for the spinal cord type with severe cervical spinal cord compression and requires professional nursing staff to do it.

  1. Surgical therapy

Surgery is the ultimate therapy, the treatment results are irreversible. There are many nerves and blood vessels in the cervical vertebrae, which are easy to be injured during surgery, the rate of complications is high, and the surgical treatment is expensive. Therefore, surgery is not generally advocated unless necessary.

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